she heard the trumpets from the military band

and the flowers fell out of her hands

Icons by watchet.
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baby why’d you leave me?

hello! my name is iola. i’ve never had my own icon journal before, so i’m likely to spam this one with just about everything. i roleplay all over the internet, but i’ve been taking a break lately for some ridiculous reason or another. in order to fill up my free time, i’ve decided to become a semi-serious icon-maker. i can sense your enthusiasm from the other side of the internet, believe me.

why’d you have to go?

there are a few rules i’d like to list here, though i’m sure most of you have heard them already.

† please credit "griseous" or "watchet"
if you take one of my icons.
† hotlinking is absolutely forbidden. i’ve
had icons disappear on me before, and having to re-upload
them to a new server makes me cranky.
† please, please, please don’t take my icons
and say you made them. doing so will make me feel justified
in hunting you down and bugging you for a reason why. and
i can be very persistent.
† just those three! i’m a very easygoing person, obviously.

i was counting on forever.

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